STAN | Famiily Business Owner

“Our family business has been a client of Investaflex for 21 years. I am impressed by their depth of knowledge of business-family planning and providing of key information to the accountants and legal people. Malcolm and Violet have given us wonderful support for all aspects of our family and business, never too busy to respond promptly to our needs and concerns. Very fine people who deserve every accolade they receive.”

JANE | Second Generation Business Owner

“It’s well over a decade since I first came across Investaflex and I can sincerely say that without their expertise we would NEVER have been able to begin to coordinate the many issues that needed to be addressed in our family business. We had a family trust, an active and holding company, and even some life insurance. What was lacking was the coordination of these pieces and a plan for the future that would encompass all members of the family, not only those active in the business. I soon recognized that Investaflex was rather unique in its ability to answer all of these questions and assist us in putting the necessary structures in place both for compliance and family harmony. I have still never encountered another team that can set out the entire financial affairs of a whole family and its corporation on one sheet of paper – in graphic OR numeric form. Their deep understanding of the human dynamics that underpin family business is key to what they do. In the end,Investaflex has created great efficiencies for our family in terms of tax savings and deferrals, and a clear framework in which all the pieces interlock. We are truly grateful for the impact the company has had and continues to have on our family.”

DAVE | Business Owner

“I first became involved with the Investaflex team shortly after learning of my wife having a terminal illness and the resulting decision to transition out of my construction business of 30 years. We had many compelling issues that needed to be dealt with involving an intertwined combination of family and business affairs. Violet and her team at Investaflex proved themselves to be knowledgeable, understanding and professional. They did an exemplary job of showing us what needed to be done and the steps to get us there. They then guided us through the maze of legal, accounting and taxation issues, making everything ready for the next phase of my life.”

DENIS | Retired Business Owner

“I have had very satisfactory dealing for the past 20 years with the Investaflex team in the areas of life insurance, investment, estate planning, and taxation. I have found all the staff to be very personable, honest, innovative, and enthusiastic, dedicated to doing an excellent job of looking after client assets.”