A family’s wealth consists not only of financial capital, but also human capital which includes the ability family members have to make money and the social contacts and relationships members have. In order to develop appropriate structures, it is imperative to have an understanding of both the human and financial capital as well as the dreams, values, and goals of the individual family members. Our family wealth management process is a multi-disciplined approach that includes tax structuring, investment management, estate planning, and succession planning in order to provide for a good quality of life for the family and solid family relationships.



At retirement, a person’s income is derived from certain government programs and from any assets built up over their working career. Our company-developed software projects cash flow needs based on living expenses and debt obligations to determine whether there are sufficient assets and income to allow for retirement. The projection also showsthe expected net estate value of the person or couple and the expected taxes and debt the estate will have to pay off first before dispersal to the beneficiaries. In addition, our planning team advises on the best way to maximize savings, minimize taxes, and when it is best to liquidate certain assets.



Investaflex is part of Barrington Wealth Partners which allows our licensed advisors to sell insurance from most of the major life insurance providers in Canada. This allows our advisors to compare the insurance products available in Canada and find the best fit for the client without being tied to one specific provider. Depending on the liquidity and tax burden of the estate or how much of the business hinges on a key family member, our planning might recommend insurance products such as life insurance, critical illness insurance, and/or disability insurance as a risk management tool.


Barrington Wealth Partners is a well-established Canadian MGA, and the only national independent producer group in the country. Barrington was founded in 2000 by top producers and like-minded individuals who strive to combine knowledge and buying power so they are positioned to offer the best of class products and services to their growing clientele. Barrington was created for the sole purpose of enhancing the capabilities of each and every one of its member firms.



Investaflex does not directly sell investments or provide investment advice, but we have a partnership with two investment firms that we refer clients to. The two investment firms are:


A pension-style manager that invests in solid blue chip stocks with increasing dividend payments and in laddered bond. Their custodian is National Bank.


A portfolio manager based in Ontario that offers Separately Managed Accounts managed by Provisus as well as third party institutional investment managers, ETF mandates and its own proprietary funds in order to create custom portfolios based on client investment preferences. Their custodian is Laurentian Bank Securities.